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Hilary Oitzinger
 Attorney and Mediator

Divorce            Custody            Support            Property Division

Hilary Oitzinger Civil and Family Law Attorney

Hilary Oitzinger is an experienced Civil and Family Law Attorney and Mediator providing Civil Law and Divorce and Custody services in Helena, Montana, as an associate at Doggett Law Office.

Ms. Oitzinger's Civil Legal Services span diverse areas, including Personal Injury, Contract, Estates and Trusts, Government, Business, and Property.  If you have an inquiry regarding civil legal services, you may find Ms. Oitzinger at Doggett Law Office at, or call her on her business cell at 406-750-3293 or in the office at 406-442-1160.

Ms. Oitzinger's Family Law Services are comprehensive and include   

Litigation, Mediation, and Collaborative Law. She serves clients in Helena,

Montana, and the surrounding area and is happy to meet with you in Helena

or by appointment in Great Falls.

For family law matters, contact Ms. Oitzinger through this website, email at insightfamilylaw@gmail.comor call her on her business cell at 406-750-3293 or in the office at 406-442-1160

Ms. Oitzinger offers a tailored approach to Family Law and Mediation and will work carefully with you to adapt her services to fit your specific needs.  She is trained in Mediation and Collaborative Law and strives to resolve conflicts cooperatively to the extent possible, with the goal of reducing the emotional and financial costs of Divorce and Custody matters for her clients.

             Initial telephone consultations are always FREE!

Insight Family Law means knowing your options:

Self Settlement


Collaborative Law

Cooperative Litigation

Traditional Litigation

Hilary Oitzinger is a member of IACP